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Welcome to Cafiket- Eat Good, Laugh A Lot, Live Long

Coffee, Sweets & Food

Welcome to Cafiket

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Welcome to Cafiket - Eat Good, Laugh A Lot, Live Long

We offer gourmet sandwiches, tasty sandwichcakes, homemade pie, traditional Swedish meatballs, homemade cookies and treats in a breathtaking, peaceful environment filled with harmony.

Our focus is on natural quality products so we use as much organic and locally grown produce as possible. Cafiket is an oasis when you can enjoy a piece of Sweden with great food and treats in astonishing scenery.

Visit Cafiket Innaren located in the middle of the Kingdom of Crystal on road 23/37, 16km north of Växjö.

Or visit us downtown Växjö in Strandbjörket, right next to Växjö lake and the hospital.

Enjoy a piece of Sweden with homemade goodies and great coffee.